Perhaps it’s pure boredom after passengers in the first class cabin have been fed on a 5 hour flight, but I also had an idea for this post as I was jotting down ideas for Blogmas. I’ve always wanted to be a barista so naturally, I’ve come to love creating different concoctions on the plane. So just imagine my face when taking orders and someone replies with, “surprise me!”. But not everyone is a drinker, and these are so great to try whether you’re working the flight or killing time getting home or onto your next adventure!


The perfect sweet drink for anyone! It’s a fan favorite amongst the little ones. You can change the sweetness by playing with the ratios of the juice versus sparkling water.

  • orange juice
  • cran-apple juice
  • sparkling water

Equal parts of each, served with a lime wedge!


I love having ginger tea on flights because it helps aid digestion, so it’s definitely one of my favorite ingredients to work with on the plane. Next time you fly, add ginger tea to your list of things to pack to create this detox mocktail.

  • ginger tea
  • hot water
  • lemon (bring your own or ask your flight attendant for some!)
  • ice

Make a ginger tea with a half cup of hot water, let steep for a few minutes before adding room temperature water. Add a squeeze of lemon and ice.


You guys are probably sick of me talking about Flight Fūd at this point, but I am just so obsessed, okay?! I normally just have it in about 16 ounces of water, but this time, I tried it with sparkling water and WOW. Just wow.

Mix the pack of Flight Fūd elixir with sparkling water. Simple as that!


A spin off of one of my favorite cocktails – a Moscow Mule. Spicy, sweet, and just right.

  • lime (bring your own or ask your flight attendant for some!)
  • ginger beer
  • splash of juice (POG is my favorite in this one, but cranberry is tasty too!)
  • ice
  • sparkling water – optional to make it less sweet

Muddle the lime. Add ginger beer (and sparkling water if you prefer it less sweet), and a splash of juice. Top with ice.

Enjoy, loves! And as always, fly safe, be kind, and don’t poke your flight attendants!