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    Buddha Bowl at Heartbeet Organic Superfoods Cafe

    THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! I have been dying to put together a Seattle guide for a long freaking time. The issue is, I get overwhelmed when I look at city guides and in the end, resort to Yelp. So I decided to put together a different take on a city guide. Here are my top 5s of my hometown, Seattle.


    • Homegrown – Farm to table style soups, salads, and sandwiches. // Sprinkled all around the city, Bellevue, and Mercer Island
    • Café Yumm – A tastier Chipotle (in my opinion) with plant based options. // 7th & Pine
    • Bounty Kitchen – Local, organic, and lots of variety! // Queen Anne and Denny Triangle
    • Vinason Pho & Grill – Vietnamese food made locally and sustainably. Vegetarian/vegan and keto options available! // South Lake Union
    • Eltana – If you need a bagel spot in Seattle, this is it. // Capitol Hill and Seattle Center


    • Heartbeet Organic Superfoods Cafe – Amazing salads, warm bowls, juices, and tasty raw vegan treats. // Queen Anne
    • Plum Bistro – Three words. MAC AND YEEZY. The tastiest vegan comfort food in the city. // Capitol Hill
    • Cafe Flora – Amazing brunch. Best cinnamon roll ever and if you can’t get enough, they have a location in the airport in between the A & B gates. // Madison Valley
    • Juicebox Cafe – Unique flavors and twists on simple eats. Try their savory oats! // Capitol Hill
    • Harvest Beat – Definitely a splurge but such an amazing experience of local and eco-friendly eats in the art of a 5 course meal. // Wallingford


    • Super Six – Hawaiian fusion with the best morning adult bevvies. // Columbia City
    • Cafe Opla – Vietnamese fusion, banh mi in a skillet. Unique and amazing. // On the Pier
    • Oddfellows Cafe – Simple menu, great ambience. // Capitol Hill
    • Mr. West Cafe & Bar – They have charcuterie boards. I REPEAT. They have charcuterie boards!! // Westlake
    • The Fat Hen // If you enjoy eggs and a simple menu, check this spot out. Fair warning, the space is small so there will most likely be a wait. But worth it! // Ballard


    • Frankie and Jo’s – The best ice cream in the city. All vegan and fun flavors. // Ballard and Capitol Hill.
    • Ellenos Yogurt – The most amazing Greek yogurt ever, tastes like melted cheesecake. Local. // Pike Place Market and Georgetown
    • The Flying Apron – A vegan and gluten free bakery! AMAZING. // West Seattle and Fremont
    • Mighty-O Donuts – The yummiest doughnuts that just HAPPEN to be vegan. // Capitol Hill, Greenlake, Ballard, and Denny Triangle
    • Hot Cakes – Homemade molten cakes. Unreal. // Ballard and Capitol Hill


    • Cafe An’Clair – A French inspired cafe with amazing pastries, naturally. // South Lake Union
    • Retreat – Wellness latte galore! They also have lots of amazing food options and turns into a bar later in the day. // Greenlake
    • Stone Way Cafe – Amazing coffee, great food, and live music in the evening! // Fremont
    • Storyville Coffee – Great local coffee and ambience for work space. // Downtown, Capitol Hill, and Pike Place
    • Atulea – For you non-coffee drinkers, my favorite matcha shop makes amazing matcha lattes and bubble tea! Super cute and makes me feel like I’m in California. // Capitol Hill


    • Toulouse Petit – The tastiest creole food made affordable with their incredible happy hour menu. Incredible first date-y ambience. // Queen Anne
    • Pablo y Pablo – Great happy hour menu with lots of food and drink options. Vegetarian/vegan options available! GET THE SPICY MARGS. // Wallingford
    • M Bar – Rooftop bar with a unique menu. Worth it for the view alone. // South Lake Union
    • Lunchbox Laboratory – Not the healthiest, but definitely one of the most delicious. I dream of their totchos. // South Lake Union and Greenlake
    • Japonessa – Seattle’s best sushi happy hour, hands down. The hours alone are amazing but the menu actually has a great selection and the drinks are amazing too. // Downtown
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    Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

    1. Homesick Candle / price varies. Send your loved one off with a little piece of home! There are a ton of different scents that will make them feel at home.
    2. Amazon Fire Stick / $25. Nothing like Netflix and chill in the hotel room to make ’em feel right at home. I love how compact it is too!
    3. Manduka Travel Yoga Mat / $32. A travel yoga mat is everything your traveler never knew they needed for that morning flow! No one wants to go down to the dodgy hotel gym at 6am to grab a mat.
    4. Hot Logic Food Warmer / $45. This is especially convenient for those who like to pack their own food while on the go, IE: flight attendants and frequent flyers!
    5. Saje Travel Cloud Oil Diffuser / $70. Give the gift of zen with this portable essential oil diffuser! Love that it comes with a convenient travel case too.
    1. Blanquil Weighted Blanket / $169. Weighted blankets are all the rage right now and you can use code “NYC20” for a nice little discount!
    2. Cozy Mock Neck Sweater / $40. Nothing is cozier than a chunky mock neck sweater! My favorite one is from Nordstrom Rack (they have so many in stock right now) by a brand called John & Jenn.
    3. Kikki. K 365 Journal / $43. My absolute favorite journal. It puts me in a super snuggly mood, grabbing this journal with a cup of tea before bed.
    4. Kirkland Slippers / $20. I got one word for ya: DEALZ. I got these slippers for a few of my favorite people (and for myself) this year!
    5. Ceremonial Matcha Bowl Set / $35. My matcha enthusiasts know that making a morning matcha is a peaceful art. It’s more than just tea – it’s a calming and mindful ritual.
    1. Rose Quartz Gua Sha + Lapis Oil Mini / $18 + $24. I started incorporating Gua Sha into my morning routine and I absolutely love it. I apply Herbivore’s Lapis oil prior to using the teardrop tool. My face is so much brighter and smoother afterwards!
    2. Sun Potion Ashwagandha / $43. Ashwagandha is my secret weapon to dealing with life’s daily stressors. I swear by it.
    3. Tru Wild Motion Pre-Workout / $38. This is my favorite all natural pre-workout. The ingredients are amazing and it gives me just the right amount of energy for a killer workout! Use code “KALEWILD15” for a discount!
    4. Mantra Band Grateful Ring / $22. I’m not a bracelet person, so when I saw that Mantra Band started making rings, I was ALL ABOUT IT. This GRATEFUL ring is the perfect reminder to make anyone smile.
    5. Vital Proteins Holiday Sampler Box / $16. Collagen is my favorite holiday gift especially for those who are curious about it but won’t bite the bullet to get it. It has enhanced my skincare, gut health, digestion, and bone and joint health immensely!
    1. Thrive Market Membership / $60. Honestly, I never knew what I was missing out until I signed up for Thrive. Your fellow foodie will save SO much money versus dangerous trips to Whole Foods.
    2. Avocado Necklace / $35. HOW FREAKING CUTE, RIGHT?! Or get them a necklace of their favorite food!
    3. Marble Pastry Board / $22. These boards are gorgeous to photograph with and they also make really nice charcuterie boards!
    4. Instant Pot / $70. My life was forever changed after using my Instant Pot for the first time. Go on and change someone’s life.
    5. Microgreens Starter Kit / $25. These kits are so fun and are incredibly affordable too!
    1. Pasta, Pretty Please Cook Book / $19. Seattle-based Chef Linda Nicholson‘s cook book is everything your fellow foodie needs. Her gorgeous colorful pasta creations are mind blowing and can now be in the kitchen, even if it’s in paper form!
    2. The Dank Crystal / $14. Not only do these candles smell amazing, but they’re named after some special spots in the Seattle area, AND there’s a crystal inside the candle! win/win/win.
    3. Girlfriend Collective Activewear / price varies. This activewear line uses recycled materials to create their clothing. Nothing is more badass than that.
    4. Frankie & Jo’s Ice Cream / $52. If you know, YOU KNOW. And if you don’t, get it for a pal and ask them to share.
    5. Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit / $35. The perfect gift for your keto (or keto-curious) friend! There’s a kit that comes with their ghee too, which you can find here

    I genuinely love this time of year. I love gift giving and I LIVE to watch reactions of my loved ones whilst opening their “I-thought-of-you-and-had-to” gifts. But what’s more important than that is the time spent together. The slowness of the holidays, hot chocolate, cheesy Christmas movie marathons, the extra long and tight embraces, making new memories and laughing about old ones. Those are the true gifts. All the love, jingles, and cookies for Santa!